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Rob Jakobs Home Page
Welcome to my website Print E-mail

These are my personal web pages.

On these pages you can learn about what keeps me busy. Unfortunately some of my photo galleries have been partly broken.

In August 2015 we had a short holiday in beautiful Prague, see here.

The picture at the top - Charles Bridge (Karlův most) in romantic Prague - was taken by me on 20th July 2007, during our Czech summer holidays.
You can download this picture, in wallpaper format (1024 x 768 px), click here.
More of my Czech Republic pictures can be found here, here, here and here.

We spent our 2012 summer holidays in 'Good Olde England'. It was lovely and I enjoyed it thoroughly. We visited many places, including the area where I used to live with my family, back in 1988-1990.
See my picture gallery here.


With these personal web pages, I have no intention to violate copyrights or any other legal restrictions that may exist. If you feel that something is not right in this respect, please NOTIFY ME and I will take appropriate action.


Abbey Road Crossing Cam Print E-mail

Abbey Road crossing - LondonWell, of course you all know the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing in London, featured on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album. The crossing still exists today and is visited daily by many people from all over the world.

Concert for George - November 2002 Print E-mail

Concert for George - November 2002Excerpt from Concert for George, Royal Albert Hall, London, Nov 2002.

Something from the Beatles album Abbey Road and composed by George Harrison. I have learned to intimately love this song.

Paul McCartney - lead vocals, ukulele, acoustic rhythm guitar; Ringo Starr - drums; Eric Clapton - lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar; Jeff Lynne - rhythm guitar; Marc Mann - lead guitar; Billy Preston - Hammond organ.

Another beautiful song: Isn't it a Pity also by George Harrison. Actually, I find this version better than the original. I love the Billy Preston solo (3:20)... well I simply love the Hammond organ sound.

The concert for George Harrison, who had passed away on 29th Nov 2001, was an impressive 2.5 hours event with many highlights. It was released on DVD in November 2003 and can be watched in whole here.


Paul McCartney - Good Evening Holland - 2009 Print E-mail

Beatles - Revolver - Here, There & EverywhereBeing a long-time Beatles fan, I had no other choice than to take the opportunity to see legendary Paul McCartney perform live at his concert "Good Evening Holland" on 9th December 2009 in my home town Arnhem.
It was a thrilling evening, filled with plenty of beautiful Beatles songs.

All below films are from the Arnhem concert and have been taken from YouTube. Soundtracks enhanced by Rob.

> Magical Mystery Tour
> Jet

> Live and Let Die (James Bond Theme)
> Paperback Writer

> Got to get you into my life

> And I love her

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