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Abbey Road crossing - LondonWell, of course you all know the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing in London, featured on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album. The crossing still exists today and is visited daily by many people from all over the world.


It is obvious that these visitors want to take home a picture of their own personalised version of the Abbey Road album cover and this is what happens all the time at the crossing: people waiting to cross the zebra having their Abbey Road picture taken. When they cross and stand still for a moment, the polite English traffic halts and you can almost hear the daily commuters think "Oh no, not another one...".

The 24/7 Abbey Road Crossing webcam shows it all. It is really amusing to see how many people have their once-in-a-lifetime shot taken. I have seen wedding proposals and all kinds of other ceremonies. Again, it's really amusing...
This is the link, click here.

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